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Mobilizing Communities towards

Airlift is on a mission to build the world’s first decentralized mass transit system, one that is built by local
transporters for local populations.

Airlift wants to be the pioneer in promoting a new vein of environmental and social consciousness.

In a world full of conscious consumers, our social impact policy is designed to show our commitment to our people; our customers. Protecting our customers goes beyond gaining market share -- we stand for doing the right thing and for working hand in hand with others working toward this mission.

How we work.

Thriving in a fast-paced environment isn’t easy, therefore we look for candidates that resonate with our core values:

Bias to Action

Ability to move fast on execution.


Self-starters to solve problems.


Demonstrate high levels of motivation.

Obsessive learning capacity

Individuals with intellectual curiosity and humility.


Unstoppable in their execution.

Seek Forgiveness Not Permission

Be an owner, lead with faith in yourself.

Join our team.

Our work is often all-encompassing – on this journey, we are seeking out exceptional teammates who bring with them unusually high levels of motivation to have an impact.

If you are big on impact and obsessed with driving change then write to us at