About us

What is Airlift?

Airlift is a mobile application. It connects passengers with bus-owners and enables them to commute across major residential and commercial hubs in the city. As a user of the Airlift application, you can:

  1. Select the most convenient pick-up and drop off points on a travel-course operated by bus-owners.
  2. Take a short walk to your agreed pick-up point to board your bus.
  3. Take a short walk from your agreed drop-off point to get to your destination.

With air conditioned buses, reserved seats, and an app-based real-time tracking system, Airlift promises high convenience at a fraction of the cost.

Travel Courses

Currently, the travel-courses of bus-owners that are available on the Airlift Application, run across major areas of Karachi and Lahore. You can view these travel courses on the Airlift Application and also suggest new courses of travel. You can also reach out to us at support@rideairlift.com if you have questions.

When will new travel-courses be made available through Airlift?

Unfortunately, we at Airlift cannot confirm when a new travel-course may be made available through the Airlift Application. Rest assured however, that passengers like yourselves and your demand for specific travel-courses, ultimately inform which travel-courses bus-owners should operate.

Will I Be Picked Up From My Door-Step

Unfortunately, the Airlift Application does not allow bus-owners to make door to door pick-ups and drop-offs. We at Airlift however, aim to ensure that passengers using our Application walk a minimum distance and at maximum for no more than 4 to 5 minutes, in order to reach their destination.


How do I make Bookings?

You can make bookings with bus-owners by pressing the bookings button on the Airlift Application. You may choose to review the terms and conditions of such bookings by pressing the terms and conditions button on the Airlift Application.

What is the booking cut-off time?

You can make bookings with the bus-owners through the Airlift Application, up-to 15 minutes before they initiate their respective travel-courses.

How can iPhone users place bookings?

Our team has recently developed and launched the Airlift Application for users of iPhones. You can access it on the Apple Play Store.

Can I book for my friend using my account on Airlift?

Unfortunately, individuals with accounts on Airlift can make bookings through the Application, only for themselves. You can, however, encourage your friends to make an account on the Airlift Application and enjoy the benefits you are enjoying.

How will I board my Bus?

Once you have placed your booking, you can go to the “My rides” section in the Airlift Application. Your latest booking will be shown at the top. Tap on “track” and you can get directions to your stop on Google maps.


What Payment Options Do I have?

Our team at Airlift has developed and set up payment gateways, which enable passengers to use their credit/debit cards on our web or mobile platforms. Passengers that use the Airlift Application, therefore, can only make payments through these gateways.