What We Do

Our small team is on a mission to build the first decentralized mass transit system of the developing world, starting with our hometowns in Lahore and Karachi. In the future, we believe that higher capacity vehicles will play a much bigger role in enabling urban commute. It is our firm belief that increasing the size of the vehicle makes the overall commute more efficient for all stakeholders.


How We Work

Prior to launching Airlift, our founding team held key roles at hyper-growth unicorns in Silicon Valley. Through that experience, we learned a few things about high-velocity execution, general management, company culture and recruiting, and product-market fit.

For young professionals, the Airlift team presents opportunities for breakout career success. If you work with us, you’re going to have to be okay with having your work being repeatedly designated as inadequate, and okay with it being done several times over. You’ll need to obsess over high velocity execution and a hyper bias for action. Our work environment is not for everyone — our team may be a good fit for you if you are seeking a fast-paced, challenging environment that pushes you to the limits.

Airlift is growing fast and so is our team. Please see the below openings that we are actively recruiting for:

  • Community Manager
  • People Strategy
  • Supply Strategy and Management
  • Operations Strategy and Management

What We Seek

For our early teammates, Airlift has an exceptionally high bar — we seek out true doers and builders who carry the following characteristics:

  • Bias to action — ability to move fast on execution
  • Initiative — self-starters who take initiative to solve problems
  • Obsessive learners — individuals with intellectual curiosity and humility
  • Ambition — teammates who demonstrate unusually high levels of motivation
  • Relentless — candidates who are relentless and unstoppable in their execution.

Our work is often all-encompassing and we are looking for relentless operators who want to take the leap and dedicate a big part of their lives to build the future of mass transit. The best way to apply for the above roles is to email us at careers@rideairlift.com. If you decide to reach out to us, pls note that we read and offer thoughtful consideration to every email. At every step of the recruitment process, we look for candidates who demonstrate the above mentioned values.